Questions and answers about plenigo.


What are the contract terms and notice periods between me and plenigo?

We don't believe in tying customers to contracts for a long time. The application itself must be convincing. Therefore, you can choose between a monthly and annual contract, which offer you different notice periods. We are happy to agree longer contract periods at your request.

Is the plenigo test phase free of charge?

Yes, you can test the plenigo software for 30 days free of charge and without obligation. Try out all possible functions! After the test phase, we can discuss together how to proceed.

Does the customer see that plenigo is in use at my company?

No, plenigo is a white-label solution. Only your brand is communicated to the customer.

How does plenigo handle taxes?

The plenigo application ensures that your invoices in the billing module are always billed according to the configured tax rate and type.


How quickly can I use the services of plenigo?

In principle, you can start with plenigo immediately. However, there are some factors to consider in advance: The integration into your website to enable a secure order route, as well as the integration of plenigo into your own internal processes. The time required for this depends on the depth of your third-party systems and your individual demands.

How can plenigo be integrated into content management systems?

plenigo can be integrated into any CMS available on the market as well as into all PHP-based in-house developments. The integration is done via the API. For PHP and Java, we offer software development kits that generally facilitate the integration.
Especially for WordPress, we have developed a connector that bundles the integration and considerably simplifies the rollout to other systems.

Does plenigo support the implementation?

plenigo is an open SaaS platform. Our philosophy is to offer our customers all the options they need to carry out implementations independently. If you do not have sufficient time or resources for the implementation, we or one of our integration partners will be happy to support you.


Does plenigo deliver a paywall as well?

No, plenigo communicates directly with your content management system or other systems for authorization query and gives feedback whether the customer has a read or access right. If the customer does not have access rights, plenigo sends the signal to play a paywall to the customer. This is then controlled by the CMS. plenigo is also compatible with dynamic paywalls from third-party systems according to our "best-of-breed" approach.

Which paid content models does plenigo support?

Which paid content model you choose is up to you. Your systems ask plenigo whether the customer has the necessary rights to consume the content. If he does not have them, a paywall is played. So you can implement any model: Freemium, metered, hard paywall, sponsored etc.


Can I customize my checkout route

Yes, the plenigo checkout is a CSS styleable iFrame that can be integrated as required. You can edit the texts displayed in the frontend in the offer. The checkout is optimized for all offers created in plenigo and of course responsive, so that the user has a smooth experience.

Does plenigo offer a way for my customers to self-manage?

Yes, plenigo offers the possibility of self-administration to your customer. You have the option to include individual functions via iFrame such as invoice viewing, change of payment methods, subscription management and much more. This also offers you the possibility to extend your “My account” area with an existing user administration. Hereby your customer service inquiries can significantly be reduced.


What payment options do my customers have

Payments can be made via PayPal, credit card, SEPA direct debit, Apple Pay, Google Pay, AmazonPay and Datatrans with PostFinance and Twint via the payment service providers connected to plenigo. Further payment methods can be made available if required.

Are there already integrated payment service providers at plenigo?

Yes, with Stripe and PayOne we offer a direct interface to leading European payment service providers (PSP).

Data protection

How does plenigo ensure data protection?

We place the highest value on the data protection of our customers. We ensure this through the use of GDPR-compliant technical and organizational measures.

Where is my customer data hosted?

We use data centres exclusively in Germany. The data is handled in a GDPR-compliant manner everywhere and at all times.

Who owns the customer data?

The data processed in plenigo belongs to you. Legally, this is ensured by the conclusion of an order processing agreement.

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