We think digitally

Cloud solutions for the subscription business of the media industry.

plenigo is a software-as-a-service company that provides its customers with software functions in a cloud, which it operates and continuously develops. Our customers are looking for a solution to manage and expand their subscription business. With its cloud solution, plenigo is primarily aimed at publishing houses and in the media industry. We offer them a unique range of functions for a contemporary purchasing experience for their target groups.

plenigo - out of conviction and vision for digital and print

The development of plenigo is driven by two motives: Firstly, the belief that modern publishers and media houses need a constant technical foundation for managing their digital AND print offerings. Secondly, we believe in flexible, open cloud architectures.

The time of pure advertising financing for online journalism is over. Journalistic content online now represents a value that users are willing to pay for. Even though we firmly believe in the growing use of digital media, we also believe that traditional print products will continue to have their place for a long time to come. For us, the joy and excitement of picking up a subscription magazine from the mailbox is conviction enough. However, the efficient linking of digital and print is increasingly presenting publishers with challenges. Isolated technical solutions have developed, which have now been linked with bridges - albeit with considerable effort and restrictions. plenigo brings change: we create the basis for contemporary ordering, usage and service experiences in the digital world and link this seamlessly with the requirements of the traditional world of the print business.

From a technical perspective, we believe that the era of software dinosaurs and battleships is coming to an end. Modern applications must be cloud-based and open (but secure!). Data must be able to flow through systems in order to be enriched and processed elsewhere. Open interfaces, accessible to any authorized person, enable autonomy and the implementation of our customers' own ideas. Applications must be intuitive and user-friendly.

Das plenigo Team steht hinter plenigo als Unternehmen und umgekehrt.

That's us

plenigo is a growing team of enthusiasts who want to build good software and create added value with it. We are not looking for the big stage: good B2B software does not get in the way and, at best, goes unnoticed. That is service. This is exactly how our team works in sales, onboarding, consulting and support. We are close and approachable. We enjoy working with our customers to find solutions and achieve success. This way of thinking extends to the very nature of our business model.

Part of Billwerk+ Group

plenigo has been part of the Billwerk+ Group since June 2023. Together, the Billwerk+ Group and plenigo are joining forces to strengthen the Group's presence in the publishing and media sector and expand its position as Europe's leading provider of software for subscription management, billing and payment transactions.

plenigo ist seit 2023 Teil der Billwer+ Gruppe.