Our answer to your request for the "all-inclusive package".

Full Service for Media Distribution

opensubs is the joint project of bardohn, Ohl Connect and plenigo, which offers a modern platform solution for holistic media distribution as well as accompanying services.

Eine Gruppe an Menschen, die ihr Medienabo sowohl Digital als auch in Print nutzen: opensubs, Dein Rundum-Sorglos-Paket macht es möglich.

We are pooling our strengths and experience under one roof to make media distribution more efficient, modern and accessible.

Our offering ranges from subscription acquisition, management and administration for printed and digital offerings to customized services in the areas of eCommerce, fulfillment, data management and customer service. With opensubs, publishers enter a world of opportunities to manage and optimize their subscriptions.

The modularity and scalability of our platform makes it possible to adapt to the needs of both large and small publishers. With the technical expertise of plenigo, the customer service and fulfillment competence of Ohl Connect and the strategic consulting and BI expertise of bardohn, we are ideally positioned to tackle the challenges of modern media sales.

opensubs architecture with plenigo at the center of subscription management

Complete package for effective subscription management

Customizable shop solutions, tools for implementing and managing marketing campaigns, an ERP optimized for subscription management, flexible reporting tools and solutions for CRM and marketing automation, which form the technical core of our platform and make it easier for you to manage and optimize your subscription services.

"We believe in the future of journalistic offerings and subscriptions in both digital and print."

Oliver Geffers, Managing Director at Ohl Connect & opensubs, responsible for Customer Service, Fulfillment & Logistics

"The basis for success in the publishing world is data, automation and KPIs that are geared towards customer value."

Hendrik Schmalz, Partner at bardohn and Managing Director at opensubs, responsible for data management & BI

opensubs supports media providers in building a future-proof omni-channel sales organization

Data-based management of media companies

bardohn is a consulting company with specialists for the data-based management of media companies in the areas of strategy, technology and project management.


Modular full-service platform

Based in Hamburg and Frankfurt, over 200 employees work in the disciplines of subscription services, shop services, customer services and fulfillment to be part of their customers' eCommerce success story and to integrate these services as elementary components of the customer journey and experience.

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