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The requirements for modern media distribution are becoming ever more technically challenging.

A consistent representation of the product portfolio is essential for modern publishing houses.

From circulation to reader financing

In the past, circulation was the main focus of interest, however, now in a digitalized media world, reader financing is becoming the focus of attention, accompanied by a series of challenges.

The range of offerings from publishers is becoming increasingly diverse. This also means that more and more technical systems are involved. With the focus on direct financing, the individual reader, customer, or user moves to the center of attention. Understanding the target group, simplifying usage, and designing the right, attractive offers becomes the central task.


is crucial.

Growing user numbers are good, but for the economic success of editorial teams and publishers, growing user revenues are needed.

Many publishing houses have an extremely heterogeneous system landscape, which often leads to the customer focus falling by the wayside or even being completely lost. The fragmentation of systems can significantly impair efficiency and customer satisfaction.

It's time to put the customer at the center. With the right tools, you can create a customer-centric environment. plenigo ensures an efficient system landscape with a clear customer focus and provides the technical setting to further boost your subscription business.

The platform for your long-term growth strategy

Reader financing as the foundation

Although only a small percentage of digital media readers have an active subscription, their engagement on your website indicates a strong interest. A primary goal is to monetize this interest and realize the revenue potential.

Leserfinanzierung als Geschäftsmodell

Different technical solutions can help to identify and to segment readers. The open technical architecture and numerous partnerships make it possible to integrate our subscription management solution with these systems.

With the support of "Best-of-Breed" integrations, plenigo is the ideal partner to achieve your monetization goals. With plenigo, you explore ways to maximize revenue and to improve the reading experience.

Offers & Products

Offers are the core of any subscription management system. In the publishing world, offers need to be increasingly diverse. plenigo supports all relevant and new offers and enables their integration into shops and other sales channels.

Subscription Management

Offers can vary greatly in scope: from single sales and time passes to multistage subscriptions. The essential task of a subscription management application is to reliably control these operations. At its core, plenigo is about automatically managing and optimizing prices, durations, in-app purchases, up- and cross-selling options and much more.

Billing Automation

plenigo enables the automated creation of legally compliant invoices in an individual corporate design and for different customer groups. Whether sent by email, made available for download, or mailed, each invoice meets its specific requirements, such as being an X-invoice or or a ZUGFeRD version. The Billing Automation feature of plenigo ensures the smooth process of your invoice creation and distribution.

Payment Automation

plenigo supports all common payment methods. Simple configuration via your Payment Service Provider account. Individual payment options per offer, including PayPal, credit cards, direct debits, etc., can be activated without technical effort. You determine which payment methods you want to accept for each offer.

Payment Gateways

Additionally, plenigo manages the communication and processes for failed payments, all with simple, easy-to-follow steps.


With plenigo, you can manage accounts and cost centers. plenigo automatically records all relevant business transactions and creates export files for postings and enabling the import into all common accounting systems.

plenigo is your future.