Step by step

Your future-proof subscription management in four steps.

Schritt 1 für die leichte Integration Deines zukunftsfähigen Subscription Management: Kick-Off Workshop

Step 1: Kick-Off Workshop

In an 8-part workshop, we define a common and future-proof goal with all involved stakeholders and determine the necessary tasks and responsibilities. This way, companies of all sizes can benefit from our experience in numerous projects and can implement the introduction quickly and safely. For smaller companies, we also offer a self-onboarding process.

Schritt 2 für die leichte Integration Deines zukunftsfähigen Subscription Management: Setup & Integration

Step 2: Setup & Integration

Already in the 30-day trial period, which you can start at any time, you configure your plenigo account. The kick-off workshop enables you to carry out the setup independently. If desired, our team is also happy to provide active support and assists you with the implementation of plenigo in your existing tech stack. To simplify and accelerate integration into your system landscape, we provide appropriate software components. Here too, our integration team is available for questions and, if necessary, to take over full project responsibility.

Schritt 3 für die leichte Integration Deines zukunftsfähigen Subscription Management: Datenarchitektur

Step 3:
Data architecture

Depending on the complexity of your system architecture, data flows can now be made to adjacent systems: Common connections include imports to accounting, CRM, and Data Warehouse systems. In the kick-off workshop, we created a model of your data flows together. Through the provided REST API, plenigo can be seamlessly integrated into any system landscape according to your needs.

Schritt 4 für die leichte Integration Deines zukunftsfähigen Subscription Management: Durchstarten

Step 4: Get started

Now you are well-prepared to impress your customers with digital sales and service processes and to develop your offer portfolio in digital, print, or combinations. With plenigo, you benefit from more efficient customer service, more targeted marketing, and automated payment and invoicing.

After these four steps, nothing stands in the way of your successful subscription business model!

The implementation with workshops has proven successful in numerous projects with medium-sized publishers. However, our experience also shows that the requirements of a small publishing team differ from those of a large publishing house with a variety of titles. Together, we develop a flexible and individual concept to meet your specific requirements and ensure that your start with plenigo is a great success.

Therefore, the ways to implement plenigo are as diverse as the companies that work with plenigo.

We would be happy to discuss what the introduction and use of plenigo would look like for your content business in a one-to-one conversation.

plenigo is your future.