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Your partner for digital transformation in publishing.

Our vision combines the latest technologies with the needs of the publishing industry to create future-proof distribution platforms. plenigo is the ideal partner for your transformation in the digital subscription business.

Technology &


plenigo combines cutting-edge technology with human expertise to future-proof your publishing business.

Grafik zum API-first-Ansatz von plenigo. Dargestellt durch zwei Browserfenster, auf dem vorderen Fenster ist ein Teil der API-Dokumentation von plenigo abgebildet, das einen technischen Einblick geben soll.

Maximum flexibility and connectivity

With our "API first" approach, we offer a seamless integration into diverse IT landscapes. Our APIs enable maximum connectivity, allowing plenigo to effortlessly fit into your existing tech stack. Data flows seamlessly between systems, simplifying the integration of tools like CRM, logistics, and more.

Grafik zum Best-of-Breed-Ansatz bei plenigo - dargestellt durch ein Browserfenster und einen Würfel mit Tetris-Elemente, die sich flexibel zusammensetzen lassen zu einer großen, ganzheitlichen Lösung.

Perfectly tailored to your needs

plenigo believes in flexible system landscapes that are precisely tailored to your requirements. Thanks to our best-of-breed approach, any conceivable system integration is possible. This not only ensures a future-proof infrastructure for you, but also the freedom to choose the best tools for your specific needs. Selected partners are integrated via ready-made interfaces to further simplify integration.

Grafik zu Know-how und Patenschaft

Partnership and expertise

We are more than just a technology provider; we are partners in the publishing and media world. Our team consists of experts with extensive experience in media transformation, integration, and SaaS development. We speak your language and understand the challenges of the publishing industry.

Grafik zu Experten und Community - Darstellung von mehreren Personen, die sich unterhalten, bzw. eine Person stellt eine Frage, auf die eine weitere Person antwortet.

Experts and community

The plenigo community is a place for you to exchange ideas and collaborate with others. Together we shape the future of the publishing business, share best practices, and develop innovative solutions.

  • Exchange of expertise
  • Industry insights
  • Network expansion
  • Promotion of innovation
Team aus Experten berät sich über Projektvorgehen - plenigo Team bei der Arbeit.

Together we make the future a reality today.

Growing user numbers are good, but for the economic success of editorial teams and publishers, increasing user revenues are needed.

Our solution

Integrate our platform into your IT environment.

We offer low-code SDKs and APIs that quickly collaborate with existing applications and ecosystems. Easily integrate plenigo into your tech stack.

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