Terms of use

1. Scope of application
1.1 The provider of plenigo is plenigo GmbH, represented by the managing directors Thorsten Petter, Maximilian Schweitzer, K├Ânigstra├če 4, 87435 Kempten, Germany, registered in the Kempten Commercial Register under HRB 15754.

1.2 The following General Terms of Use govern the contractual relationship concerning the use of the plenigo service and all services provided by us in this relationship.

1.3 The contractual relationship between the user and the providers (hereinafter referred to as "service providers") of the individual online offers in which plenigo is or can be used (cf. Section 2.1) shall be governed by the service providers' own general terms and conditions of business or use, as applicable. If the service provider does not provide its own terms of use in its online offers or refers to our terms of use in its terms of use, certain general conditions shall apply to its online offers and the contracts concluded there, as we describe in section 5 of these terms of use.

2. Services
2.1 plenigo shall make it easier for the User to pay for services on all websites or other offers (such as mobile apps) which use plenigo (hereinafter collectively referred to as "the Online Offers") by providing him with the technical means by which he can pay the service provider directly. In doing so, plenigo stores, on the one hand, the payment method(s) preferred by the user and, on the other hand, the payment data required by the user for the payment methods used by him are directly accessed by plenigo. In doing so, plenigo does not store any credit card data, but rather the processing takes place with the respective payment service providers. Only an ID of the user is stored at plenigo. This ID makes it possible to make the data required for the payment of the service in question directly available on the online offer via the payment service provider involved. Thus, the user does not have to enter any further data and can pay directly without any additional effort and, if necessary (depending on the online offer), even without any intermediate steps.

2.2 Furthermore, plenigo is a so-called single-sign-on service. This means that after a one-time registration and authentication with and via plenigo, each user can log in for all services, areas and applications on the online offers using plenigo with his plenigo access data without having to go through separate registration processes for the online offers. In addition, plenigo allows the User to remain logged in as a whole after logging in and to use all online offers (subject to any further declarations required for the online offer in question) directly in this way without having to go through any further registration processes.

2.3 plenigo can also be used as a central administration of the usage or access authorizations to areas or content of the online services that are subject to charges or otherwise subject to access restrictions. The online offers can therefore give the user immediate access to the relevant areas or content after logging into the plenigo account by means of an automated query to plenigo as an authorized user without having to provide for further identification and authentication steps.

2.4 plenigo shall enable the User to manage his plenigo Account easily and centrally via the "My Account" area on the plenigo website. In this way, the user can, for example, manage and correct his master data (e.g. his residential address), change his password and view information on his contracts concluded via plenigo.

2.5 plenigo as a service is free of charge for the user.

3. Registration, user agreement
3.1 The user must register in order to use plenigo.

3.2 The data provided in the course of registration must be correct unless, like the password, it is freely chosen by the user. In particular, the user may not provide any data of third parties.

3.3 The submission of the completed registration form constitutes the user's declaration of offer to conclude the agreement on the use of plenigo (hereinafter referred to as the "User Agreement"). Subject to Section 3.6, we accept this offer by confirming the registration to the user by screen display and/or corresponding e-mail or by activating the user's access to the relevant areas or content requiring registration after the registration form has been submitted. The user agreement is thereby concluded in each case.

3.4 Immediately after receipt of the registration form, the user will receive a confirmation e-mail. This e-mail contains, among other things, a number combination (verification token). By entering this number combination in the registration dialog, the user confirms his e-mail address. This confirmation is a prerequisite for the user to be able to register via plenigo in the future or to use services from other online offers immediately after successful registration. Individual online offers may, however, provide that the user can already make use of services in the session in which the registration takes place before the e-mail address has been confirmed.

3.5 Only the German language shall be available for the conclusion of the contract.

3.6 plenigo shall be entitled to reject individual registrations without giving reasons.

4. Access data, maintenance of the master data record
4.1 The access data (e-mail address and password or the access data of a social network used for registration (cf. Section VI of the data protection declaration ) are intended exclusively for use by the user personally. The user may not pass on the access data to third parties or disclose them in any other way. If the user becomes aware of any disclosure or misuse of his access data (collectively "third party use") or if he even suspects such use, the user must notify us immediately. The User shall be liable for all consequences of Third Party Usage, provided that the User is responsible for the misuse of the Access Data. The user's liability shall not end until he has informed us of the unauthorized use or the loss of the access data and has changed the password, if necessary.

4.2 We are entitled to revoke the User's access data in the event of violations of these General Terms of Use, in particular due to false information during or after registration and/or unauthorized disclosure or disclosure of the access data, in particular the password, temporarily or permanently block the User's access and/or permanently withdraw the User's access with immediate effect or with a period of notice at our discretion and/or terminate the User Agreement extraordinarily and without notice. After such an event, the user may not register again without our prior express consent.

4.3 We may also take the measures set out in section 4.2 if the user's account has been hacked or otherwise taken over by a third party or if we have reason to suspect that this may have happened.

4.4 The user is also obliged to notify us without delay of any changes to data stored in plenigo. The easiest way to make the relevant changes is to do so yourself via the "My Account" area on the plenigo website. The user can also contact the customer support.

5. Conditions for contracts between users and service providers
5.1 The service providers regularly maintain general terms and conditions for their online services which can be used via plenigo. These shall apply to the contracts concluded by the user with the respective service provider in the online offers (i.e. not to the use of plenigo).

5.2 However, by accepting the general terms and conditions of use of plenigo, the user also agrees to the validity of the general conditions for the use of online offers designed for different service types and contents of the service providers. The contractual conditions contained in the general conditions shall apply to the contracts concluded by the user with the respective service provider in the online offers in two cases:

  • If and to the extent that the service provider refers to the general conditions in its own general terms and conditions and thus incorporates them, or
  • if the service provider does not maintain its own general terms and conditions for the online offer in question.

6. Termination of the agreement of use
6.1 The agreement to use plenigo shall run for an indefinite period. Both the User and plenigo may terminate the user agreement at any time without notice (but see clause 6.2) by giving ordinary notice of termination. In addition, both parties reserve the right of extraordinary termination for good cause. Notice of termination must be given in text form, i.e. at least by e-mail. Insofar as termination of the user agreement is also possible via the "My Account" area on the plenigo website, the user may of course also terminate the user agreement in this way.

6.2 Immediate termination of the user agreement would, however, result in the user being unable to register and thus, depending on the online service in question, also being unable to access subscriptions booked by the user and other restricted areas of the online services otherwise made available to the user. For this reason, a termination (whether declared in text form or via the "My Area" module) of the plenigo user agreement shall in principle only take effect if the user has also terminated or cancelled the subscriptions or other term agreements with the online offers that still exist at the relevant time or if these have expired. Therefore, we cannot delete the plenigo account before this time.

7. Data protection
The protection and security of our users' personal data is very important to us. All information on this can be found in the plenigo data protection information.

8. Changes to the terms of use
8.1 We reserve the right to change these General Terms of Use at any time and without giving reasons. The new General Terms of Use will be sent to the user by e-mail. They shall be deemed to be agreed if the user does not object to their validity within 14 days of receipt of the e-mail. The objection must be in text form, i.e. at least by e-mail. In the e-mail, we shall separately inform the user of the possibility of objection, the deadline and the consequences of his failure to act.

8.2 As an alternative to Section 8.1, the User may also be presented with the amended General Terms and Conditions in the course of his next registration via plenigo. The amended General Terms and Conditions shall be agreed by the User agreeing to them in the course of his next registration. They shall be deemed to have been agreed if the user does not object to their application within one month of the first presentation. The objection must be made in text form, i.e. at least by e-mail. In the course of the presentation of the amended General Terms of Use, we shall separately inform the user of the possibility of objection, the deadline and the consequences of his failure to act.

8.3 If the User objects, both we and the User shall have the right to terminate the User Agreement by giving notice of termination with immediate effect. Furthermore, the possibility of amending the General Terms of Use in accordance with Sections 8.1 and 8.2 shall not apply to changes which restrict the content and scope of the core usage options of plenigo existing for the respective user to the detriment of the user, nor to the introduction of new obligations for the user which were not previously included in the General Terms of Use.

9. Choice of law
The User Agreement and these General Terms of Use, including their interpretation, shall be governed exclusively by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. The application of German and European international private law as well as the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods is excluded.

10. Contractual text
The user agreement is not laid down in a separate contract text relating to the person of the user, which the user could then access later as such. However, the content of the user agreement is derived from these General Terms of Use and the subject matter of the user agreement concluded, i.e. the services provided by plenigo and the obligations of the contracting parties arising therefrom.